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3 factors of smart news

Posted by Jennifer Tule on Sep 1, 2016 12:19:14 PM

It's that time of year when the kids are heading back to school so its seemed like good time for a news primer.  When it comes to making decisions on behalf of your business, there are 3 key news factors to consider: speed, accuracy and reliability.

  • Speed - Within 24 hours video game character, Mario, appeared at the Rio Olympics lifting Nintendo's
    stock and Speedo's PR nightmare with Ryan Lochte costs them $50K.  Major news breaks continuously over a 24 hour news cycle.  Events are happening so fast in the world today and it is cruciLegoNews.jpgal that you keep up with your news stories as they break.  Therefore, it is crucial that the services you use operate in as close to real-time as possible.

  • Accuracy - Accuracy is necessary in order to decide whether or not the information presented is giving you the full picture.  With our ACME taxonomy, we give users from all experience levels the very best in search filters.  Whether users are searching by company or by subject matter, our users can rely on our taxonomy to accurately identify and provide all the relevant information necessary for critical decision making.

  • Reliabilty- News completely affects the way we interpret the world around us.  Sometimes news sources may report on incomplete or wrong information in an effort to be the first to report it.  The news you use for your business should come from trusted sources and brands that deliver facts not conjecture.  The more trusted sources you have in your aresenal makes you more effiecient and accurate!

These three factors may seem like common sense but it's amazing how often they get overlooked.  Are you getting notified when news impacting your business breaks?  Are the news stories you are receving relevant or wasting your time?  Are the sources of information reliable?  Take the time to consider these when thinking about your news gathering process.  It could be the difference between a smart decision or the wrong move.


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