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APIs what are they good for?

Posted by Jennifer Tule on Sep 29, 2016 10:36:28 AM

 Absolutely everything.   You may not be familiar with the play on the song lyrics but the statement is true. If you are in computer science, you are likely familiar with APIs.  If not, then you probably think APIs are something only computer science people use.  In truth we all interact with APIs and probably use them every day.

Have you ever chosen to log on to an app or website using your Facebook credentials?  Viewed a Google Map on that fancy new restaurant’s web site to find out how to get here?   Paid for a cool birthday gift from Etsy with PayPal?  Yep.  The Facebook, Google Maps and PayPal services were made available because of their APIs.  These businesses didn’t need to reinvent the wheel when the wheel was available to use.  Thanks to these APIs, your experiences were made easier, better, more efficient.

ProgrammerShirt.jpgIt works the same way in B2B as well.  Companies offer certain services that other companies may want to integrate into their offerings to add value or to benefit their users.  In simple terms, an API or Application Programming Interface is a tool that allows different systems to talk to each other. 

These “talks” can get pretty complicated depending on the functionality required but the possibilities for what APIs can do are endless.  From healthcare to finance to energy, APIs are sparking new ideas and fostering creativity in all areas of business.  Technology allows us to link the many tasks we do to simplify the process.  We can share important data with a click of a button.  APIs allow us to work collaboratively and think outside of confines of our respective industry and to think more about the people that use these services.

For example, take the Deutsche Bank API/OPEN event happening at the end of October.   This is an event that invites developers to work specifically with the Deutsche Bank API to come up with new ideas using their banking software that goes beyond their current offerings to benefit the clients and businesses that bank with them.  It is amazing to think of the possibilities.

APIs are not just about software.  They are how you become successful in business today.  They are integral tools that help businesses to provide better products and services that their users will want to use.   For your next project, consider the functionality that will provide a better experience for your users.  There’s probably an API for that.

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