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Posted by Wes Fleming on Nov 5, 2015 3:46:39 PM

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Imagine it is Monday morning and you sit down at your desk to begin your day. In front of you are 12 monitors coming to life in a multicolored array of charts, graphs, videos and windows of scrolling text. For traders, this is a routine morning. Your job is to know all there is to know about your portfolio of companies, securities and/or industry. You’re charged with monitoring a lot of information. How do you ensure you don’t miss anything important?

One Chicago-based trading firm trying to be sure they missed nothing turned to Acquire Media for help.

Acquire Media is known for its real-time news delivery solutions, so the firm knew their time-sensitive requirements would be efficiently addressed. The real problem was finding the right coverage for the particular securities this firm was managing. They needed to know how to get rid of unnecessary noise and restrict the news to just those securities in their portfolio. In doing so, they needed to be sure they did not remove any relevant information.

The first step was to consider the content set. Press releases carry important corporate disclosure information; that information was a must, but what other sources of information should be considered? Acquire Media has licensing arrangements with thousands of content providers and could recommend a set of newswires that made sense for the firm. This was still a lot of content and it was time to move on to step two – refining.

Collectively this trading firm was managing dozens of securities, but that fluctuated on a daily basis. They needed an easy way to use this list as the gatekeeper for the news flow and to keep the list up-to-date. Acquire Media editorial staff sat down with the firm to gather the relevancy requirements (determining what was in and what was out of scope). Through its understanding the needs of the client firm, Acquire Media developed a unique filter that would weed out the irrelevant content from the breaking news and information that flowed 24/7. This unique, customized filter was applied at the input level of Acquire Media’s scrolling desktop application, NewsEdge v8. This meant that every trader and analyst looking at the news would see only that information germane to the firm’s business. Next, Acquire Media built a simple tool to allow the firm to actively manage the securities they wanted to include or exclude from the filter.

With their custom information set defined, the firm could now deploy NewsEdge v8 to the desktop of all their traders, researchers and analysts. Individuals began to craft personalized alerts that could be as broad or as narrow as needed. They set up company alerts to deliver all the news about a particular entity. Users could further narrow that information with NewsEdge v8 Trading Impact codes to set up alerts pertaining to M&A activity, upgrades/downgrades, earnings announcements and more.  

The end result was a very precise news alerting solution that allowed employees of the firm to focus on the task at hand: knowing that when something newsworthy happened, they’d be the first to know about it.

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